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Bolted curved trusses
Formally trading as APTL Beam Builders, Vicbeam™ have been manufacturing glulam beams and supplying hardware stores and building suppliers Australia wide since 2003.

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Vicbeam™ manufacture high quality visual grade glulam beams from a variety of species including Vic Ash, Radiata Pine, Oregon, White Cypress and Jarrah. Beams are available pre-cambered or straight and in lengths up to 15.9m.

Vicbeams are custom made and are fabricated from dry lumber resulting in higher dimensional stability. This reduces movement, checking, twisting and stresses within the building. The result is a reliable installation.

Vicbeam™ also manufactures posts, curved beams, H3 LOSP treated beams for external applications and bolted trusses.

Our laminated timber beams are available in a range of lengths and widths. See our laminated beam chart HERE

Curved laminated timber beams
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, fair & reasonable lead times and prompt delivery of goods.
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